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Friday, April 22, 2016

Egypt Flag Coloring Page

 Egypt Flag Coloring Page

Egyptian Flag Coloring Sheet 
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Egyptian Flag Description
The Egyptian flag is a tricolor with 3 equal horizontal bands of red, white, and black, from top to bottom. The national emblem, the Eagle of saladin, is placed within the center of the white band. The eagle is guarded by a protect, and holds a scroll on that the name of the state (Arab Republic of Egypt) is carven in Arabic script. The Eagle of sultan represents authority, beauty, and sovereignty. salah al-Din Yusuf, known as saladin, was the primary Ayyubid swayer to rule Egypt.
The red band represents the amount before the 1952 Revolution, that was marked by bloodshed and unrest. The white stripe symbolizes the revolution, that terminated the monarchy and made-up the approach for Egypt's transition into a republic. The white represents the for the most part bloodless nature of the Revolution. Black symbolizes Egypt's past, once the Egyptians were defeated by country authorities. The black band also represents the never-say-die spirit of the people.

History of the flag of Egypt
Egypt adopted its national flag on october 4, 1984. the sooner flag of Egypt was green with a white crescent and 3 stars. the present design was adopted after the 1952 revolution that saw the end of monarchy in Egypt.




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